Shaanxi's Foreign Trade Enterprises Advanced Freely On The “B&R” By Favorable Policy

- Jan 09, 2017-

In 2016 our Shaanxi province actively respond to the grim situation of foreign trade, effectively play an important role of certificate of origin on the reducing the tariff, and promote more "made in Shaanxi" to the world, the certificate of origin has become the door of the "golden key" for the export enterprises to open the market in these countries. Of particular concern is that as "circle of friends" further expanding, of which China signed free trade agreements with countries and regions along the “The Belt and Road”, the FTA preferential policies for Shaanxi export enterprises to explore the guiding role of FTA partner country market is gradually prominent.


According to reports, to promote the province's foreign trade stabilized to the good, ShaanxiInspection and Quarantine Bureau centered on the strategy of excellent Imp. & excellent Exp., topromote Chinese equipment to "go out", listed the key enterprise directory, traced the issue ofcertificate in the directory, to ensure that enterprises grasp the FTA preferential policies. From January to November of this year, Shaanxi issued 2641 copies of the certificate for China and South Korea, China and Australia, the amount is $116 million. The number and amount respectively accounted for 33.2% of the total trade certificate and 23.7% of amount. Compared with the same period last year, the issued certificate of export to South Korea and Australia, the number and amount were increased by 448.03% and 416.08%. Up to now, China-Singapore amount has reached more than two times the same period last year, China-Pakistan amount reached more than 10 times the same period last year.


At the same time, Shaanxi inspection and Quarantine Bureau held the C/O policy publicizing in Xi'an, Weinan, Yulin and Hanzhong, to further improve the utilization rate of the certificate of origin. Dozens of enterprises in our province enjoied the "one to one" door-to-door service, among them, Konjac powder of Hanzhong and Ankang, Titanium products and textiles of Baoji, and other specialty products in Shaanxi further improve the international market share by applying for the certificate of origin. Through handling all kinds of regional preferential certificate of origin, not only enhance the competitiveness of products, establish more close contact with customers, but also helps the enterprises to seize the opportunities to increase market share.