Value-added business and service

- Jan 06, 2017-

Shaanxi Hi-Tech Business Co., Ltd. has complete qualification of Imp. & Exp. business, not only do normal Imp. & Exp. business for its proprietary products, also can provides below some value-added business and service:


I. Technology Trade:

Orientation: Our Hanzhong has rich resources of local agricultural products and native products, can promote such advantage technology to countries around Asia, meanwhile introduce advanced technology from European and America, and promote to local enterprise according to their needs;


II. Import and export agent:

Orientation: most of the local foreign trade enterprises are lack of experiences and human resources, including marketing channel, we will use our rich experience in foreign trade for many years, acting as the agent of import and export and operating for these enterprises, specifically for some services such as Imp. & Exp. custom clearance, commodity inspection and quarantine, Imp. & Exp. currency receipt and payment, export tax refund, etc.;


III. Advisory services:

Orientation: provides consultation services to local enterprises, fostering foreign trade personnel.

Warmly welcome cooperation with foreign trade enterprises, seeking win-win and mutual development.

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